1) Towards tc2 RC points - some broken m68k images (unknown mke2fs fix needed) - broken sparc64 module loading (fix: busybox-cvs 20040415-3) NEEDS also netcfg to be pushed. Is it release quality? - messed up line drawing characters in base-config (fix: base-config 2.29) CONFIRMED AS WORKING - broken support for 100 gb partitions on i386 (fix: base-installer 0.083) PUSHED by Martin - the above problem seems to affect nearly any size partitions on alpha and probably other 64 bit systems (workaround: base-installer 0.083; also needs *-installer fixes) WHICH -installer need to be corrected and pushed? Not RC but pretty bad: - 2.6 lvm and raid segfaults and hangs (fix: lvm2 2.00.16-2) - airport module not available post-reboot on powerpc (fix: ddetect 0.101) PUSHED but not confirmed working - firewire cd support (fix: ddetect 0.101) PUSHED and confirmed working - mips Installs on r4k-ip22 needs 36 mb ram (fix: unknown -- new glibc?) - broken ataraid and ida support (fix: libdebian-installer 0.26.really.0.22) - 255077? Wishes: -new lang/country scheme in tc2 or not? Needs pushing languagechooser 1.24 (not yet uploaded but 1.23 was heavily tested and 1.24 is onlyglitches fixes), countrychooser 0.020 and lowmem 0.010 (confirmed working) Objective here: build a list of packages to be pushed to testing. As the people who can make the final decision about this will not be able to attend the meeting (Joey Hess, Colin Watson, Martin Michlmayr...not sure for him), this will only be a proposal. The goal here is to find some more facts so that things can advance when Joey, who is currently the d-i release manager, is back. Packages pushed on 20040618: base-installer 0.084 colo-udeb (new) palo-installer 0.0.4 partman-jfs 2 partman-auto 23 ddetect 0.101 yaboot-installer 0.0.25 linux-kernel-di-mipsel 0.57 (have 2.4.25 _and_ 2.4.26) linux-kernel-di-alpha 0.60 (have 2.4.25 _and_ 2.4.26) 2) ports situation Objective: have a *realistic* list of target architectures which *have* to work for tc2. Some designed testersĀ ? Sparc64: Blars Blarson has Ultra30 and Ultra2 available for testing Mips: OK (255169 and others) 3) assign tasks Objective: assign work to designated people (volunteering for them of course!) for these key points -partman bug log. Noone seems to care.... 4) other points If time is left, we can discuss other things..:-) -confusion on images -make tc1 less visible? -ask for no report for beta4 -make sid_d-i more visible http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/irc-meeting-20040619/topics.txt -current build failures