Organisation of the document and covered topics

Chapter 1, For translators: translating Debian Installer is aimed at registered translators and explains how they should organize their work in order to have the whole Debian GNU/Linux installation process localized in their own language. The so-called levels are explained in detail in this chapter with details about the specifics of each packages that is to be translated.

Chapter 2, For maintainers: maintaining internationalized Debian Installer packages of this document explains how Debian Installer packages maintainers should handle i18n in the packages they maintain.

Chapter 3, The New Language Process: adding a new language to Debian Installer details the addition of a new language to Debian Installer supported languages list, with a step-by-step process to be followed by the new translator and the Debian Installer i18n coordination team.

Chapter 6, Technical details about i18n/l10n handling explains how translations are handled, particularly for level 1 as part of the core Debian Installer packages.

Chapter 5, Coordination of Debian Installer i18n/l10n explains the internal organisation of the Debian Installer development team for i18n/l10n handling. The role of the i18n coordinators is explained in this chapter.

Chapter 7, Translations spellchecking explains mechanisms involved in the automated spellchecking processes for Debian Installer related translations.

Chapter 8, Language tasks for tasksel explains how the so-called "language" tasks in tasksel are handled in Debian Installer

Several appendices give more details about topics not directly related to Debian Installer such as SVN/git basics, methods for translation work, gettext message catalogs tools, Debian bug reports and language codes.

This document is maintained up-to-date according to processes and methods by the Debian Installer i18n coordinators.