8.1. Introduction

The tasksel package is responsible for the installation of several package sets, for various activities (desktop, file server, ...).

Among the various tasks offered by tasksel, language tasks have a special behaviour: they are aimed at installing a set of packages which can be considered useful for the users of a given language.

These tasks are not meant to be optionally selected during tasksel runs. Indeed, they are automatically selected depending on the language used for installation as well as the type of install.

For instance, if Debian Installer is run in French language, the french task will be automatically installed.

Language tasks are separated in two types of tasks: the <language> task and the <language>-desktop task. The former is installed for every standard system install while the latter is only installed if the desktop tasks is selected by the user (the desktop task installs a basic graphical environment, which can be completed with the Gnome or KDE tasks).