6.4.  Active languages

Active languages are languages which have been removed from the prospective languages list. As soon as this is done, translations for these languages are added to the indvidual Debian Installer packages by the synchronisation script (see Section 6.5, “Translation synchronisation”).

This section describes the technical operations that should take place when the decision to activate a given language is taken by the Debian Installer i18n coordinators.

6.4.1.  Removing the language from the prospective list

The first action to take place is the removal of the language from the packages/po/PROSPECTIVE file. Then, the next run of the synchronization script will automatically add translation files for that language into each Debian Installer package.

6.4.2.  Run the synchronization script

The synchronization script should then be run so that new translations are spread out to D-I packages. Of course, these translations will be available only when new versions of these packages are uploaded.

6.4.3.  Activate language in localechooser

The language should be activated in the localechooser package. For this, the language entry in the languagelist should be uncommented and the localechooser must be rebuilt and uploaded.

6.4.4.  Uploading packages

For the translation to be effective, all Debian Installer packages with localized messages should be rebuilt and uploaded. Until this happens, translations for that language will not appear. Of course, this shouldn't be done for all packages except when the release time is coming.

6.4.5.  Add or check tasks in tasksel

Tasks related to the new language should be considered for addition in tasksel (see Chapter 8, Language tasks for tasksel).

These tasks should also be added in the tasks.list file of the debian-cd package so that CD or DVD prioritize the task's components for inclusion on first CDs or DVDs.

6.4.6.  Check the availability of font for the graphical installer

A check should be made for the chosen font for the graphical installer. In case a dedicated font is needed, the udeb providing that font must be existing, or a patch should be created against the relevant package for it to provide this udeb package.

6.4.7.  Record the new status of the language

The status of the relevant language chould be changed in installer/doc/i18n/languages.xml. "prospective" should be removed from the "nlp_step" field and the "supported" field should be changed from "false" to the next version of the installer release (see other languages for examples).

6.4.8.  Add language to utility script

The language should be added in scripts/l10n/output-l10n-changes list of languages.