6.1. Translation status pages

6.1.1. Introduction

The Debian Installer team and the Debian Installer i18n coordinators maintain web pages giving the statistics of translations for each language, level by level. The scripts that generate these statistics may be found in the scripts/l10n/statistics directory of Debian Installer SVN repository.

Translators should check these pages regularly in order to follow the possible changes to upstream packages and then update their work if needed.

The address for the top page of translation statistics is https://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/translation-status.html.

The statistics page will give statistics about translations as close as possible from the sources. If the package maintainer for a given package uses a publicly accessible repository, the statistics are generated from this repository.

The real status for each package (i.e. the status of translations for the packages released in the Debian archive) can be found on the Debian general l10n pages: https://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/

6.1.2.  Status pages generation scripts

FIXME: Here should come details about the status pages generation scripts: how the script work, how are determined packages and how information about packages locations is kept, status pages template file, etc.

6.1.3.  Status pages monitoring

Translators often want an easy method for watching the translation status pages and learn about changes in packages listed in the various levels there.

For this, Peter Mann wrote a monitoring script named websec-txt. This script is available in the scripts/l10n directory in Debian Installer SVN repository.

Using this script is fairly easy. It requires the use of a Unix system with wget and a working Internet connection. One should then create a directory such as $HOME/.websec-txt and put a file named sources.url there. This file should contain the contents of the monitored files.

Below is the suggested contents for monitoring Debian Installer translation status pages (assuming <code> being the translators language ISO-639 code):