Chapter 6. Technical details about i18n/l10n handling

Table of Contents

6.1. Translation status pages
6.1.1. Introduction
6.1.2. Status pages generation scripts
6.1.3. Status pages monitoring
6.2. Supported languages list
6.3. Prospective languages
6.4. Active languages
6.4.1. Removing the language from the prospective list
6.4.2. Run the synchronization script
6.4.3. Activate language in localechooser
6.4.4. Uploading packages
6.4.5. Add or check tasks in tasksel
6.4.6. Check the availability of font for the graphical installer
6.4.7. Record the new status of the language
6.4.8. Add language to utility script
6.5. Translation synchronisation
6.5.1. The need for a synchronization process
6.5.2. Localization files synchronisation process