3.13.  Announcement of the translation effort

When a new translation effort is started, the language coordinator must announce it in the mailing list so that all Debian Installer developers are aware of the new translation effort. A short personal introduction will be appreciated, even if not mandatory. The Debian Installer development team is a real team whose members appreciate working together in a friendly environment.

For this step to be completed, the language coordinator must have announced the beginning of the new work to .

The Debian Installer i18n coordinators will record this information in the supported languages list by changing the nlp_step field value to prospective. They will also add the language to the /l10n/output-l10n-changes. Finally, they renamed the needed characters and replace the .prospective file extension by a .utf

Finally, a new entry will be added to the file used by the scripts which generate the translation status pages (https://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/translation-status.html).

The new language process officially finishes here. The only work that's left to do is ... translating.