3.11.  Choosing the translator's working tools

If the new translator is not used to GNU gettext files (PO files) handling and the use of dedicated PO files editors and tools, (s)he should refer to Appendix E, Gettext files editors and tools.

At the very minimum, (s)he should choose a gettext file editor and practice with it enough to be familiar with its basic functions.

In any case, translators should refer to Appendix A, Translation methods and advices for information and guidelines about the way they should work.

For this step to be completed, the language coordinator must be comfortable with the basics of gettext-based translation. Of course, there is no real way to measure this precisely, so deciding that this step is completed is in general up to the translator him/herself.

The Debian Installer i18n coordinators will record this information in the supported languages list by changing the nlp_step field value to tools.