3.10.  Granting and checking the translator commit access

After the new translator is notified by the Debian Installer i18n coordinators that (s)he has been granted commit access to the Debian Installer SVN repositories, (s)he should check that (s)he's able to checkout the Debian Installer repository, as well as the tasksel repository.

For this, Appendix B, Some basic notions about SVN/git will give him/her any needed details.

For this step to be completed, the language coordinator must have been able to successfully checkout at least the packages/po directory and add a fake file there. This will be verified by the Debian Installer i18n coordinators.

Debian Installer i18n coordinators must then add the language code to the packages/po/PROSPECTIVE file in order to avoid the translations to immediately spread out to individual packages. This is motivated by the will of activating languages only after they completed the first two sublevels of translations (Section 1.4.2, “ Sublevels ”).

The Debian Installer i18n coordinators will record this information in the supported languages list by changing the nlp_step field value to commit. They will also check that the language has been added to the list of prospective languages (see Section 6.3, “ Prospective languages ”).