3.9.  Account creation on Alioth

All Debian Installer work is maintained in a centralized revision control system, using SVN and git. For translators not familiar with SVN, Appendix B, Some basic notions about SVN/git will give them enough information to be able to commit their translations themselves. (The use of git is only required for developers working on the code of Debian Installer, not for translators!)

This chapter will also explain in details how to get an account on the Alioth server, the server used for centralized development of several co-maintained Debian packages and projects.

After your account has been created, please check that you can login with it on https://alioth.debian.org/ using the chosen password. Then, mention your account name to the Debian Installer i18n coordinators who will grant you commit access to the needed repositories.

For this step to be completed, the language coordinator must have a working alioth.debian.org account and must have sent his/her account name to the Debian Installer i18n coordinators.

The Debian Installer i18n coordinators will record this information in the supported languages list by changing the nlp_step field value to account and fill in the account field with the account name.