3.1.  First contact with Debian Installer development team

Translators or translation teams of a not supported language should contact the Debian Installer i18n coordination team (see Appendix G, Debian Installer i18n coordinators). They should provide a real name (the Debian Project encourages the use of real names) and possibly a GPG key (this is not mandatory but could help in the future).

Such initial contacts are often established by the i18n coordination team members themselves. However, recording the name and contact address of the person who will be the first contact point in initial steps is a very important step to quickly establish a strong relation with identified contacts for the new language.

The Debian Installer i18n coordinators must have the real name and a reliable e-mail address of at least one translator who must be an individual. This individual will be called the language coordinator for the given language.

The Debian Installer i18n coordinators then register the new language in the supported languages list (Section 6.2, “Supported languages list”).

For this step to be considered complete, an entry for the future supported language, temporarily with its name as mentioned by the language coordinator, must have been added to the supported languages list XML file (see Section 6.2, “Supported languages list”, with the initial value in the nlp_step field.