Chapter 3. The New Language Process: adding a new language to Debian Installer

Table of Contents

3.1. First contact with Debian Installer development team
3.2. New language identification
3.3. Locale checking/writing
3.4. Localized language name
3.5. Localechooser entry
3.6. Needed characters
3.7. Font for the graphical version of Debian Installer
3.8. Default keymap
3.9. Account creation on Alioth
3.10. Granting and checking the translator commit access
3.11. Choosing the translator's working tools
3.12. Subscribe to the mailing list
3.13. Announcement of the translation effort
3.14. Follow the Debian Installer development

Several actions are needed for a new language to be supported in Debian Installer. The following process may be known as the New Language Process. It describes the minimum required actions and checks that have to be done before starting a new translation effort.

Potential translators should be aware that involving themselves into Debian Installer translation is not a one-time work. Debian Installer is always work in progress and translations will require some attention or some new work from time to time even after they have been completed.

After the initial translation effort, which may last for several weeks with 1 hour work per day, the maintenance work needs between 1 hour per week and a few hours per week, depending on the amount of extra translation work done by the new translator(s) for their language in the Debian GNU/Linux project.