2.4.  Translators work method

This paragraph describes the master file process. It is included in the chapter aimed at package maintainers because it appeared important that Debian Installer package maintainers understand the way translations are handled.

All PO files from all packages sitting under the packages directory of the Debian Installer source tree are merged into one single file and translators update this file. These so-called master PO files are kept into packages/po into the Debian Installer main directory.

These files are the only files managed by translators. All other PO files as well as PO "templates" files (POT files) are automatically generated by the synchronization scripts (see Section 6.5, “Translation synchronisation”):

As a consequence of this process, changes made directly to debian/po/*.po files are lost in this process. So, if for some reason, maintainers need to update these files (there is normally no reason for this), they should consider modifying the source files in packages/po.

It is however highly recommended that such changes are discussed with Debian Installer i18n coordinators.