2.2.  Debian Installer packages internationalization and localization

The Debian Installer packages use a debconf-managed interface to handle user interaction screens and all display.

The debconfized packages use po-debconf for handling localization which means that templates translations are hosted in directories named debian/po in each package source code tree.

These directories contain <language>.po files where <language> is the code of supported languages. See Appendix F, Languages codes for details about language codes.

They also contain a file named templates.pot which contains up-to-date strings. This file is generated by the debconf-updatepo utility when debconf templates are modified or written.

When working on "core" Debian Installer packages, developers should not care about the debian/po directory contents. They even don't need running the debconf-updatepo utility, except the first time they create the package (so that the debian/po/templates.pot file is created).

The only files that are not automatically generated in debian/po are: