1.6.  Level 3

1.6.1.  Contents

The level 3 of translations groups together packages which prompt users during the installation of the desktop and desktop tasks of tasksel.

This includes one package maintained by the Debian Installer team (win32-loader) as well as a few other Debian packages:

  • debconf (debconf)

  • newt

  • win32-loader (Debian Installer team)

1.6.2.  Debconf  Package description

The debconf Debian package is the program which handles all configuration steps of other packages when these packages need some user interaction while they are configured.

This package is installed on all Debian systems. Its installation process usually inputs the user about the default priority of questions. However, when installed in a normal Debian Installer installation process, these answers are pre-filled with the priority settings of the installation process. As a consequence, the questions are usually hidden from users.

However, as the package is a key Debian package, its translation is important for a properly localized system.  Files location and access methods

The package uses a GIT repository. Commit access may be requested to the Debian Installer i18n coordinators. However, as the translatable parts do not change very often, getting commit access is not highly useful.

  • Anonymous GIT access: git clone git://anonscm.debian.org/git/debconf/debconf.git

    The debconf translation lies in the debian/po directory, while the programs translation is in po/.

  • HTTP access:  Updating/adding translations

Translations should be reported as bugs against the debconf package.  Specific recommendations

The translations are very similar to the questions asked by the cdebconf package, which is part of the level1 of Debian Installer translations.

Translators should then be careful about using the same terminology in both packages, especially for questions priorities. This can be done by merging the translations from Debian Installer level1 into debconf translations.

1.6.3.  Newt  Package description

The newt package is a library (whiptail) which includes widgets used by the most popular interface to the debconf software, the software involved in packages configuration steps. These widgets include the Yes or No widgets used by boolean templates, as well as the OK or Abort buttons text.  Files location and access methods

No public revision control repository is available for this package so access through the translation statistics pages is the only way to get translation material for it:

Hmm, newt is missing in the level3 POT directory. What's wrong here? 26.10.2017  Updating/adding translations

Translations should be reported as bugs against the newt package.  Specific recommendations


1.6.4.  Win32-loader  Package description

The win32-loader package contains is a utility that can be run from the Windows environment and which, with a few questions, prepares a system for booting a Debian Installer installation process. This utility is included on Debian installation media to allow an easier startup of a Debian installation.

This package is, technically speaking, a regular Debian package. However, the package maintainer is the Debian Installer team and the package is managed and developed the same way core Debian Installer packages are managed. The package is part of the core Debian Installer development repository under packages/arch/i386/win32-loader.  Files location and access methods

Using GIT is strongly encouraged as this is the only way for them to commit the translations.

This package's l10n material is included in one PO file:

  • l10n/po/messages.pot

Access to these files:

  • GIT Clone commands:

    • Anonymous: git clone ssh://anonscm.debian.org/git/d-i/win32-loader.git
    • Non-anonymous: git clone ssh://<alioth_username>@git.debian.org/git/d-i/win32-loader.git

    The l10n/po contains the translation material.

  • HTTP access:  Updating/adding translations

Translators should copy the messages.pot file in l10n/po as <language>.po and work on this file, then add it to the repository and later commit the needed updates.

In case SVN commits are absolutely impossible, these updates can be sent as bug reports against the win32-loader package (see Appendix D, Reporting bugs against Debian packages for details).  Specific recommendations