Appendix C. Checkout commands

First said, translators don't need to checkout the repositories by hand to translate the po files. They can get all files here:<LEVEL>/files/<LANGUAGECODE>/

where <STAGE> is either level1, level2, level3, level4 and level5 <LANGUAGECODE> your language code like de, es, zh_CN, ...

POT templates can be found at:<LEVEL>/POT/

C.1. Checkout commands

For translators who prefer working from developer's repositories, the following lists, level by level, all checkout commands to get access to translation material.

C.1. Level 1

  • Anonymous: svn co svn+ssh:// debian-installer
  • Non anonymous: svn co svn+ssh://<alioth_username> debian-installer

C.2. Level 2

C.2.1. Tasksel
  • Anonymous: svn co svn:// tasksel
  • Non anonymous: svn co svn+ssh://<alioth_username> tasksel
C.2.2. Iso-codes
  • Anonymous: git clone git://
  • Non anonymous: git clone ssh://<alioth_username>
C.2.3. Console-data
  • Anonymous: svn co svn:// console-data
C.2.4. Popularity-contest
  • Anonymous: svn co svn:// popularity-contest

C.3. Level 3

C.3.1. Debconf
  • Anonymous: svn co svn:// debconf
C.3.2. Newt

No repository yet

C.3.3. Win32-loader
  • Anonymous: svn co svn://

C.4. Checkout commands for developers

Developers need the following commands to checkout the whole source tree:

svn co svn+ssh:// debian-installer
cd debian-installer
mr -p checkout