A.5.  Work with previous translators

From time to time, translators will find existing, incomplete (or inconsistent) translation, done by another individual. They should do their best to contact the previous translator in order to prevent duplication of work. His/her mail address can be found in the PO file header named Last-Translator.

Such contacts may be a good opportunity to get more manpower in some teams. Translators should suggest the former translator to join their team.

If this contact is unsuccessful (unresponsive former translator), the work can be taken over by a new translator, provided this is not prohibited by a non free licensing (some translators unfortunately put statements that make their work non-free such as restriction of distribution or restriction of modification).

In any case, if the translation work is taken over and completed or corrected, the reference to the former translator must be kept in the PO file headers. Changing the Last-Translator field with the real name and address of the last person who effectively did some work on the file is recommended.